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FIA Inspector Paper-1 2019 FPSC

Name the last wife of the Holy Prophet (PBUH)?                                                  Maryam Bint-E- Alharis (RA)
First, said in Holy Quran is in Which Para?                                                                Para 9
What was the religion of Hazrat Adam (AS)?                                                                Islam
Arif Alvi elected as President of Pakistan?                                                      9th September 2018
Laughing gas Composition?                                                                                           Nitrous Oxide (NO)
What is the empirical formula of Benzene?                                                       CH
Which country withdrawn from the UN human rights commission in June 2018?                USA
Tahira Safdar first lady female Chief Justice appointed in which province of Pakistan? Balochistan
At least 43 Russian diplomats expelled from?                                                                   European Union
Cynical synonym? Derisive
Astute antonym?                                                                                                   Foolish
What is the reason KalaBagh Dam cant built yet?         Political Conflict
Headquarters of NATO is situated in which Country?                                       In Brussels Belgium
What is the currency of Vietnam?                                                                                   Vietnamese Dong
Blood is formed in?                                                                      In Bone marrow
Air Marshal Mujahid Anwar Khan awarded by which country?                                     Turkey with Turkish Legion of Merit
Who is the current governor of Sindh?                                         Imran Ismail From PTI
Governor of State Bank of Pakistan? Raza Baqir
What was the theme of World Mountain Day?                                Mountains matter
Sabotage antonym? Devotion
Deficiency of Vitamin-C can cause?                                                                         Scurvy
Square Root of “x” will be equal to 64?                                                                             8
What is the old name of the ECO ( Economic Cooperation Organization)? RCD ( Regional Cooperation Development)
American 41st President died on which date?                                       30th November 2018
Current Us President Donald Trump Tenure will end on?                                                  20th January 2021
G-20 summit in 2018 held in?                                                Buenos Aires Argentina
Separation of Britain from Europe is Due in Which Date?   29th March 2019
Saudi Journalist was killed in which country?     Turkey
Who is the current Saudi Crown Prince?                                                             Muhammad Bin Salman Al Saud
Who is the current Interior Minister of Pakistan?            R. Ijaz Shah
Chief Minister Balochistan Name? Jam Kamal Khan
Guru Nanak Birth Anniversary was? 550
Sridevi died in which year?                         24th February 2018
Astaghfar Kalma No is? 5
Najeeb Ullah is the title of which Prophet?                                                               Hazrat Dawood (AS)
PVC Stand for?                               Polyvinyl Chloride
Bogra Formula date? 7th October 1953
Urdu was officially declared as the National Language Of Pakistan?                                 1973
Which is the favorite religion of Allah? Islam
Which is the strongest party in the UK?                                                         Conservative Party 316 Seats
Donald Trump Party name is? Republican Party
FIFA World Cup won by which country? France
The national bird of Pakistan is?                                                                  Chukar
When the 1st constituent Assembly of Pakistan Was Dissolved?                                         24th October 1954
Which one is the hottest place in Pakistan? Jacobabad
Malaysian current prime minister Mahatir Muhammad serving as PM from? 2nd Time
International water day is celebrated each year on?                                            22nd March
What was the first President of Pakistan?                                                                      Iskander Mirza
Does CFC stand for? Chloro Floro Carbons
General Zia Ul Haq imposed martial Law in which year?                                      5th July 1977
Does FATF stand for?                                                                                       Financial Action Task Force
Kartarpur is situated in which district of Pakistan?  Narowal
Name the journalist who died in Turkey Embassy?                                                Jamal Khashoggi
Who is the Federal Education Minister of Pakistan?                                                   Shafqat Mehmood
In the US Senate Senators are elected for the period of…….. years?                                      6 years
In the 1956 constitution of Pakistan was formulated under the leadership of? Chaudary Mohammad Ali
Name the EX USA President who died in November 2018?                                                   George HW Bush
What is meant by USHR? 10% tax on irrigated land
First General Election in Pakistan held in Which year?                                              1970
Who was the 1st British governor of Punjab?                                         Sir Francis Mudie
Liaqat Ali Khan martyred on?  16th October 1951
Which acid form NANO3? Nitric Acid
Asthama is provoked by?                                                                                               Airborne Substance
Al-Qanoon was written by which famous scientists?                                             Abu Ali Sina
Gall-Bladder is part of?  Biliary tract
Zakhraf meaning in the Quran ?                                                                                       Ornaments of Gold, Luxury
The permanent magnet can be formed from?                                                                  Ferromagnetic material
The equilibrium state is one which?                                          When horizontal and vertical force is zero
Which party won the landslide victory in General Election 1970 by winning 160 seats in National Assembly? Awami League
Name the eldest son of the Holy Prophet (PBUH)? Qasim
Who is the current Secretary-General of the UN?                                                             Antenio
Headquarter of UN situated in ?                                                                                     Newyork USA
Who is the winner of the Asian Women’s Hockey Cup 2018? South Korea
Which party rule over Sindh for a long time?     PPPP
Pakistan People Party celebrated its………… Birthday? 51st

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